which is the best country to migrate tooo?? Could you name some collages(nations) which provides quality education at low rates good living and social life WHICH IS THE BEST NATION(COULD YOU RANK PLS?

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Divyakshi  Gupta

Divyakshi Gupta

Study Abroad Expert

Study abroad best places are the ones which will aid you to extremely promising employment opportunities, along with an intercultural experience helping you mould your academics and lifestyle. 



Housing numerous student-friendly cities like Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, etc; Canada is known for its high employment rates and exposures with some of the best recruiters across the globe. Definitely considered as the best country to study abroad for Indian students, Canada is full of possibilities, both career wise and lifestyle wise!

Top 5 universities to study in Canada are: 

University of Toronto

University of British Columbia

University of Alberta

Mcgill University

University of Montreal


Highly chosen, and one of the most multicultural countries in the world, the US is definitely one of the best countries for Indian students! Ivy League universities, Chicago’s deep dish pizza, Vegas’ casinos, and New York’s Manhattan attract students from all across the world. Also, universities in the US are ranked as the best in the world by some of the most prestigious rankings like THE, QS, and Shanghai Rankings!

Top 5 universities to study in US are:

Harvard University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Stanford University

University of California, Berkeley

Columbia University



You can choose the UK as your study destination if you are fond of a historically rich culture, some amazing tea, extremely beautiful countryside, and old yet technologically advanced universities! Known to be one of the best countries for Indian students, and the best country to study abroad; the UK will definitely provide you with an unimaginable experience, and high-class education facilities!

Top 5 universities to study in UK are:

University of Oxford 

University of Cambridge 

University College London 

Imperial College London 

University of Edinburgh 



Particularly famous for its architecture and fashion programs, France is regarded as one of the best countries for Indian students. With an easy-to-learn language, the great Eiffel Tower, the tasties macaroons, France never fails to impress anyone. France is also famous for its affordable tuition fee, and academically rich faculty!

Top 5 universities to study in France are:

ESSEC Business School 

INSEAD France 

Sorbonne University

Ecole Polytechnique

Universite PSL  



Australia is definitely one of the best countries for international students. Sandy beaches, the Great Barrier Reef, surfing experiences, along with some of the best student centric cities in the world like Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, etc. A study abroad experience in Australia will present you with the best of both worlds! Not to forget, the comparatively less local population, and some of the highly ranked universities and institutions!

Top 5 universities to study in Australia are: 

University of Melbourne

University of Sydney

University of Queensland

University of New South Wales

Australian National University


Some of the best countries to study abroad will offer you not just excellent education, but an overall life changing experience in terms of your career and personality development. Be it a shorter course duration, you will learn a lot of things when studying abroad at some top universities in the world.



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