Which is the best and affordable University for masters in Psychology?

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Steven Mizell

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Generally speaking, masters in psychology can cost you from INR 20-50 lakhs as a tuition fee abroad. It depends on the institute. But unlike other programs, it is likely a better choice to loom for a cheaper course indeed. Not many colleges are psychology education oriented. This results in over-expensive psychology masters due to the institute's reputation. So if it comes to affordability, I would consider tuition around 10-12 lakhs (around $15,000 masters). This will allow you to pursue the master without having a second thought.

Top affordable institutes for master in psychology:

  1. Cambridge College (School of Psychology and Counselling) - $13,240 tuition fee
  2. Governors State University - $13,392
  3. Auburn University at Montgomery - $14,094
  4. Pittsburg State University - $15,110
  5. Virginia State University (Department of Psychology)- $15,912
  6. North California Central University - $15,984
  7. University of Baltimore - $17,622

These institutes are well ranked and offer good service. The faculty is one of the important elements for psychology masters. You don't want to select any institute only based on tuition. There are however more institutes that offer masters in psychology for around $7,000. But your degree would not be much recognized and is only advised for a research-oriented career. Institutes like Northwestern, Toronto, Harvard can cost you around INR 50 lakh or even more. So in these times, having such options really is quite fortunate. 

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