Which is better: Masters in Hospital Administration or MBA in Healthcare/Hospital management?

Asked by Poonam Soni over 1 year ago

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Silvia Malloy

Silvia Malloy

CEO & Founder at Conva

It's an excellent question. Because students often regard these two different subjects as only seeing differences in degree level. Not just in degree level, but they differ in job roles. Even Wikipedia suggests 'healthcare management, health administration, hospital management and hospital administration' somewhat of the same field.

First, let me clear the confusion between the subjects, then jump to a degree. The most significant difference that can help here is; operations in the field. Both hospital and healthcare management are involved with managerial roles in an organization. But it is different when it comes to what you are managing.

Healthcare administration/management is concerned with organizing and managing health services and daily activities. So when you graduate, you learn how to manage more operations. It can involve planning, strategizing, organizing etc. Plus, it operates on all levels of the organization. Hospital administration/management, you work with staff and healthcare units like budget things. It's kind of an HR and organizer job role. Instead of working one on the one, you will be managing an entire body.

So healthcare is a broader aspect while hospital programs are much more dedicated. I suggest choosing an administrative or management position in a hospital if you like to work with people in an organization. The healthcare option is for working in the broader area.

I can see you are more concerned with a hospital administration or management degree, so I'll jump right on it. A regular master's and an MBA are different. Along with the program, they are meant for different kinds of people. You should choose between these two options based on where you are in your life, academic and career-wise.

If you have completed your bachelor's recently, a master's would be better for you because you wouldn't be able to do an MBA with no experience. Plus, you need more in-depth knowledge on the subject at the early stages of your life. Masters are designed to give you career options. After a master's in hospital administration, you can start a job or follow some career. It will be up to your choices for a research career, executive job or maybe more education like PhD or MBA.

An MBA in hospital management will be better if you want more extensive opportunities while in your career. There are some things like promotion, shifting to an international job, applying to a big MNC. In these situations, an MBA is more effective. Having a business degree at your side with subject expertise will result in higher chances of career advancement.

In the end, I'll suggest you look at your current condition and make a decision. If you like, you can share your records and profile to decide which is the best fit for you. Choosing a degree program based on your current qualification is much better.


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