Which is better, masters in Data Science or Business Analytics?UK/US/any other country?

Asked by Anushka Jain over 1 year ago

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Steven Mizell

Steven Mizell

Student Athlete

Well it is a very vague question. If you had mentioned your interests, I would have suggested it easily. But I can give a general analysis here. USA and UK both are excellent locations for data science and business analytics masters. You get nice job options and high salaries in these two countries.

Data science is basically the #1 profession in the world. Out of all applications set out in abroad universities, most of them are for data science. Business analytics is also one of data science disciplines. Both are well established in the USA  and Uk and have good career options. But when you compare both countries, it's really a matter of which type you like.

I would personally vouch for the USA. The country has the most top ranked universities, a wide range of data science programs and the most lucrative technical sector. After you graduate from a USA based university with a data science degree, you are likely to receive the highest package compared to other locations. 

For example, the USA has two-year master programs that are very much industrial. Your curriculum will be very connected to the actual market principles and you will learn skills that are most in demand. This makes job hunting very effective there. According to Glassdoor, the average salary of data scientists in the USA is $117,212 (around 91.7 lakhs) annual. On the other hand, a business analyst there earns around $77,218 (around 60.5 lakhs).

Now I can understand if you don’t prefer the USA and you have some different things as important. But the fact remains that the USA is considered the best data science market for now. If you want to know anything about it, you can ask me. I have more things to share on data science than I have shared here.


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