which is better between IELTS and TOEFL?

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English proficiency exam results are a crucial component of applications to universities in English-speaking nations. These tests are required of all non-native English speakers to finish their applications. IELTS and TOEFL are the two most often used tests. They evaluate candidates' reading, writing, speaking, and listening abilities differently.

Conducting Body    
IELTS: British Council and IDP Education Ltd.    
TOEFL: Educational Testing Services 

IELTS: Online and Offline     
TOEFL: Online and Offline 

IELTS: IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training IELTS Indicator    

IELTS: 2 hours 45 minutes    
TOEFL: 4 hours 

IELTS: No breaks during the listening, reading and writing sections, but the speaking portion can be taken up to a week before or after the rest of the test    
TOEFL: A 10-minute break between listening and speaking sections

IELTS: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking*    
TOEFL: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking

Test Delivery Format     
IELTS: Paper-based    
TOEFL: Computer-based 

Score Range     
IELTS : 0-9    
TOEFL: 0-120

Average Minimum Score Required by Top Universities    
IELTS: 6.3    
TOEFL: 7.8

Exam Frequency     
IELTS: 48 times in a year     
TOEFL: More than 50 times a year 

Results Timeline    
IELTS: Results are issued 13 days after the test    
TOEFL: Results are issued approximately ten days after the test.

Where All are the Scores Accepted    
IELTS: Accepted by more than 9,000 organizations globally    
TOEFL: Accepted by more than 10,000 organizations globally

IELTS: INR 14,700/-    
TOEFL: INR 13,780/ (TOEFL iBT)

Before choosing between the IELTS and TOEFL, you should take into account the following factors:

  • University preference: Before applying to any university, you should find out which language tests are accepted and favoured by those institutions.
  • IELTS preparation: It often takes 3–6 weeks, while TOEFL preparation typically takes 2–3 months. IELTS will be appropriate if there are not too many months till your application date.
  • Computer-based or written: IELTS can be taken on paper or a computer; TOEFL can only be taken on a computer. Computer-based or written. If you can type quickly, you can choose either, and if you can write well on paper, you can select TOEFL.
  • Exam format: For the IELTS exam, you can divide the components of the papers and administer them over many weeks. You must take the TOEFL exam in one session.

Worldwide, almost 9000 universities accept either the IELTS, TOEFL, or both. IELTS is more frequently recognized if you apply to universities in the UK or Australia. However, most American universities accept the TOEFL. So, choose wisely.


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