Which German universities offer an English taught Masters in computer science?

Asked by Rohit Rai almost 2 years ago

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Avani Oswal

Avani Oswal

4th year undergrad student

If you are targeting Germany, it’s not actually rare to find an English taught master in computer science programs. In fact all the top ranked German universities have quality computer science master courses. And I think you will be more thrilled with the fact that computer science engineering is one of the best courses in Germany.

It's true that most German universities offer German-taught courses. Students are not much aware of this fact. But rest assured that all the top universities you know from Germany are good to pursue master courses in English. CS applications are very vast and used in all relevant fields. It allows you to get into many sectors. For universities take a look, I have picked five best universities for you in Germany -


  1. Technical University of Munich
  2. Technical University of Berlin
  3. RWTH Aachen University
  4. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  5. LMU Munich

The top two options are your favorite pick in terms of return on investment. They will give you better salaries after graduation. However, the special trait of technical universities of Munich and Berlin is its connection to international universities and companies. If you do a master in computer science from these two universities, your degree will be far more recognized than any other university. Also, these two are the largest universities in the country.

RWTH Aachen on the other hand is considered to offer the best science courses in Germany. The university is highly praised for its academics and excellence in a variety of subjects. Some major examples are engineering, science, data and physics. You can almost see a pattern here. All STEM courses from RWTH Aachen University are regarded top-notch and it would be the #1 pick if you plan to focus on curriculum the most.

Karlsruhe is a better choice for individual experience. The faculty and education system at the university focus on each student’s development and reward good performance. On the other hand, LMU Munich is one of the oldest universities in Germany with countless partnerships with universities abroad. If the top 3 options do not intrigue you, these are your options.

Germany is a developed country that uses computation services on a large scale, so there is no need to worry that the CS masters there are any less in quality. German universities are fully stacked to offer good English-taught masters in computer science.

If you have any particular interests like universities, academics, curriculum, network etc., let me know. By the state of your bachelor and test scores, we can pinpoint your best option. A top university is not always the answer.


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