Which exams do we need to write if we want to study in Germany for masters in Robotics?

Asked by Aanchal Jain 12 months ago

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Rashmi Mehrotra

Rashmi Mehrotra

J.P. Morgan || LSR’ 19

Germany is a pretty popular county for master program. Especially for areas like automation, engineering and robotics, they have really good options. The whole country is known for technical courses and a developed economy that compliments it at best. Good choice with the program, now you only need the exams.

So the two major test exams  you need to study in Germany for masters in probiotics are GRE and IELTS. These two tests are not just any tests that are designed for abroad studies. Basically these are one of the most crucial elements in your eligibility criteria if you want to study abroad .It spoons it matter if it is a robotics masters or some other course.

GRE is basically a standardized test score that measures your ability to learn, adapt and perform in a long run scenario. Almost all universities abroad put it in their admission checklist for master programs. Germany has some good universities that you don’t want to miss. Start preparing for the GRE test right now and you can attempt it in almost a month. It is conducted many times a year in India.

IELTS on the other hand is no test to measure your abilities. It's a simple English language test that only sees how much command you have in English. When you apply for a foreign university the programs there will be taught in English. The university needs to make sure that you understand the language, thus they require IELTS or its other alternatives such as TOEFL and PTE. IELTS test scores also work in immigrations process when you are ked to submit language proof.

Have thesis two tests prepared and you are all good to apply for Master in Robotics programs in German universities. If you want some university suggestions from Germany or from any other country, just let me know. A know a thing or two in this area.


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