Which exam does the University of Delaware will consider?What score I should get to do MS in computer science engineering?

Asked by Raghavendra about 2 years ago

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Hello Raghavendra, how are you?

Well, for starters the engineering MS CS program at Delaware is quite popular in demand. Good choice there. And worrying about the exams and scores is not a bad habit. But, I don’t know if you will be amazed or devastated to know that; the University of Delaware has not mentioned the exact required scores at all. Yes, it's true. I have tried searching the program page over and over and over. Good thing though they have the average scores mentioned. Why is it good?

Because those average scores just present the class profile. You do not necessarily have to meet that given score. You have enough chances for admission with a bit lower than average score. Anyway, here it is -

1. GRE average score: 308

2. IELTS: 6.5

3. TOEFL: 79

Judging by those numbers, these are not really that tough. I mean, for a quality MS CS program in engineering you expect this much, right? And the University of Delaware is a prestigious institute.

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