Which degree is best for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence?

Asked by Poonam Soni almost 2 years ago

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Gautam Kumar

Gautam Kumar

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Generally speaking, a master's degree is always the best way to go in these situations. And for a subject like data science and artificial intelligence (AI), this is the right answer. The reason is not that it is the ideal thing to do or just because it lets you start a career in the field. There are many reasons to do a master's degree in data science and AI if you wish to pursue a career.

The most important thing here is the academic focus. The need for data science professions is growing in the market. And the way to deliver the supply as per demand is to train exceptional individuals to do the job. Now, the skills and knowledge you need to choose a data science, and AI profession come directly from a master's. The curriculum and course structure are designed to make you start working in the industry. Going for some other degree will not do.

The most common master's degree you can do here is a Master of Science (MS) in data science. Machine learning and AI are a big part of data science. So if you do not see their names in the program, don't panic. Through its electives, you will easily find machine learning and AI in data science programs. In the later stages of your master's, the second year to be precise, you can choose your specialization per your goals and interests.

According to Glassdoor, the average median salary of an MS in data science holder in the USA is $140,000 (around 1.1 crores). The numbers go even higher with experience in the later stages of your career. A professional in field average median salary is about $120,000 (around 95.9 lakhs). However, in many cases, AI professionals are paid higher than data scientists because of their specialized skills and experience. Usually, the earning difference between data science and AI is not significant.

As I mentioned, a master of science (MS) or MSc in data science seems the right answer here. If you wish to apply for a program and want to know more about this, you can ask me. I can suggest some good universities in the USA, UK or any other one you prefer. Let me know how I can help.


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