Which courses to choose from to have a career in product management in the UK?

Asked by Anas Mev about 2 years ago

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dania ortega

dania ortega

Operations Analyst at WD

Product management is an area that can be done in many ways. Like if you prefer, an MS degree is good but an MBA can be amazing here. The standard procedure says to do a masters with product management specialization. However, many professionals do certificate courses in product management along with a standard masters degree.

As you can understand, you have two ways to proceed here. If you are a recent graduate looking for UK universities, standard master degrees are good to go. However, if you are working in the industry and have some work experience, I would recommend MBA degrees before anything. Reason for an MBA is because they give you an international exposure which is a crucial thing in product management.

For standard masters degree, these areas are my recommendations -

  • Product Management
  • Product Marketing
  • Strategic
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation

In general, there are no dedicated project management masters available. You have to aim for specialized electives in the most relevant master degrees. Otherwise, you can go for an MBA anytime. If so, go for a standard MBA or a supply chain management MBA. These are the most relevant ones you can find for product management.

Keep in mind that  UK universities offer one-year master courses. Even for MBA they have fast paced one-year degrees. This allows you to finish your studies in a short period and save some money. If you want some really good university suggestions, let me know. Or simply just try the FREE SCHOOL EXPLORE tool here.


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