Which course is best for me, MBA or MS?Which exam should I take, GRE or GMAT?

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The GMAT, administered with the aid of the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), is an entrance examination broadly used for admission to enterprise colleges and MBA programs. The exam measures reasoning and necessary questioning skills supposed to reveal an ability to be successful in top graduate commercial enterprise programs.

You can retake the GMAT at a checking out score of up to five instances in a rolling 12-month duration (no extra than eight times total). For the GMAT online exam, you can retest once.

GMAT Format
The GMAT layout depends on whether or not you're taking the check at a testing centre or online. The in-person version involves four sections, and you can select to order the sections in one of three ways to great match your strengths and testing style.

Analytical Writing: This area of the examination asks you to analyze and write a critique of a given argument in one 30-minute writing task. It is scored from zero to six factors in half-point increments.

Integrated Reasoning: The Integrated Reasoning area (not discovered on the GRE) is designed to measure your capacity to use records to resolve complicated problems. This portion consists of one 30-minute part with 12 questions (mostly more than one choice). You'll be requested to look at and analyze facts from more than one source, including tables and graphs, and solve quantitative and verbal problems. The score tiers from one to eight in one-point increments. 

Quantitative: This 62-minute area has 31 multiple-choice questions. Questions consist of quantitative issues and "Data Sufficiency" problems.

Verbal: The Verbal Reasoning area lasts sixty-five minutes and includes 36 questions designed to assess your capacity to read, understand, and consider written materials. You'll encounter three questions: studying comprehension, critical reasoning, and sentence correction. This is scored from six to fifty-one factors in one-point increments.

You can use a simple online calculator throughout the Integrated Reasoning part only. For the Quantitative Reasoning segment, you can use a whiteboard (at-home testing) or a provided laminated notebook with dry-erase markers (testing centre) to work via problems. However, you cannot pass and return to questions during the GMAT or trade your answers.

The GRE, administered via the Educational Testing Service (ETS), is used as an admissions consideration at thousands of graduate schools and enterprise and regulation schools. The exam considers your verbal and quantitative reasoning, imperative thinking, and analytical writing skills.

You can retake the GRE up to 5 instances in any 12-month rolling period (once every 21 days). If you look at it more than once, you can pick out which scores get dispatched to the colleges to which you're applying. 


GRE Format
The GRE contains three scored portions, as nicely as a possible unscored or experimental section. The Analytical Writing section will constantly come first. However, you won't know the order of the ultimate units or which area is unscored.

Analytical Writing: This section has two separately-timed, 30-minute writing tasks. You'll be requested to construct your argument on an issue and evaluate any individual else's argument on a topic. This section is scored from zero to six in half-point increments.

Verbal Reasoning: The Verbal Reasoning check contains two 30-minute sections with 20 questions each. You'll stumble upon three questions in this section: analyzing comprehension, text completion, and sentence equivalence. You can get a score of one hundred thirty to 170 in one-point increments.

Quantitative Reasoning: This exam portion, designed to look at your simple math skills, features two 35-minute sections with 20 questions each. Questions may be multiple choice with one or several answers, numeric entry, or quantitative evaluation questions. Topics consist of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and statistical analysis. You can get a rating of one hundred thirty to 170 in one-point increments.

During the test, you can use an on-screen calculator for the duration of the Quantitative Reasoning section. In addition, you can go backwards and forward via every area, alternate your answers, and mark questions for "Review" if you'd like to return to them later.

I hope this might clear up your doubt!


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