Which country will be most suitable to pursue MS under rupees 20 lacs?

Asked by Mahima Gupta about 2 years ago

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Ajay Kaparwan

Ajay Kaparwan

Founder & CEO at Blackcoffe

Well, it's not like you can’t target USA and UK with a 20 lakh budget. But yeah, you wouldn’t be able to get the best experience there. Because even if you haven't mentioned the budget for living in the country, it does make a difference. This is why I want you to either go to Australia or France & Spain.

I would have given only one specific answer so you won’t get confused. But since you didn’t mention your subject interest, I think you will be very satisfied with my answer. See, for foreign countries, students generally target based on their course preference. For example if you are aiming for an MBA, you would go to the USA or Canada. On the other hand, if you like specialized MSc courses, the UK is better.

I suggest Australia for any general MS program. The country is one of the best ones for studying abroad and is very affordable. Under 20 lakhs of budget you can get into good colleges there. Plus the lifestyle in Australia is also very good. You can either choose to stay in too many cities like Melbourne, Sydney and Perth or for a less expensive one. So that you can stay on your budget.

France and Spain are  your option only if you want to do a business and management MS degree. Like if you are interested in business analytics or say MS supply chain management ones. These countries are especially famous for business and management courses. They have the best b schools that are not that costly.

I specifically suggested this because many students go abroad for business and management studies. Giving one option is never good. Also, is this budget of 20 lakhs yearly or for a full 2-year duration? And what are your undergraduate qualifications? This makes a huge difference in course and country selection.

If you can mention all these details, finding the best country for you under 20 lakhs will be much easier. Who knows, maybe a Scandinavian country fits your profile. Just let me know if you are really planning to do so and want any kind of help. 


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