Which country will be good for doing pilot studies and which is the most affordable and recognised country for aviation school abroad?

Asked by Harman saini over 1 year ago

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Kaivan Dave

Kaivan Dave

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Hello Harman, how are you doing?

Well, to answer your question you need to tell me what exactly are your requirements out of this course? Like whether you are aiming for a license or just a top tier degree? I will consider both scenarios just in case. In general, for pilot and aviation studies, the major recommended countries will be the USA, UK and Canada. I know, these are top-tier and not affordable in a certain way but hear me out.

First of all, you will definitely need an education that is certified to the international level to be recognized. Also, the authorized licenses are a concern. You need these things to make the best out of pilot and aviation studies. And these mentioned countries can do that without a problem. I would highly suggest Canada as it is the cheapest option among these top-three juggernauts. So it automatically makes it the best possible option, right?

Also if you seek a specifically affordable country, I would suggest you Philippines and Maldives. This is just because you will have options for tour pilot and aviation studies. And to some extent, their reputation proceeds, and so you will not be in jeopardy. So for an affordable and recognized country, this is the answer. 

Let me know the courses for pilot studies or aviation programs you are interested in. It will help to decide the best countries and the best schools for you.


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