Which country is most affordable for pursuing a master's in engineering?

I am from lower middle class my dream is to study in Canada but unfortunately i cannot afford it, is there any way for students like me to study abroad?

Asked by Mohammed uzair mauzam over 2 years ago

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Japjyot Singh

Japjyot Singh

Study Abroad Expert

There are choices in the USA, Canada, England, or Australia that European nations like Germany and Poland are accurate preferences if you are looking to keep cash regarding training prices and dwelling expenses. Many faculties in these countries have both no or very minimal training costs, or they provide precise scholarships for their students. Latin American countries like Mexico and Argentina are accurate options, along with Asian nations like Taiwan, Malaysia, and India, as they have several correct universities.

To help yourself with finances, you can work part-time or even practice for lookup or teacher assistantship positions because they will furnish you with a stipend that should cover your lessons expenses to a certain extent. However, when you're searching for that ideal learning overseas destination, there is one thing that is often pivotal to whether or not or no longer you can find out the cost. Not just the cost of tuition fees, but also how tons things like hire and transport will cost you.

Firstly, I would outline what constitutes a lower price for you. For some, an inexpensive Audi R8. For others, less expensive is a Tata Nano.

Assuming you lie near the latter end of the spectrum, I would ask you to chorus from getting your UG degree abroad. A UG degree takes four years, and at the bare minimum, it'll cost you at least 10-15 lakhs a year, consisting of fees for living, tuition, etc. So I would advise, as I'm sure many others would, to get your UG diploma in India and then opt for a diploma abroad, relying on your discipline of study.

If you are a Computer Science aspirant, the US is your destination. You may also locate some more cost-effective Universities, but the dwelling is high-priced there, like in New York City.

I would advocate the following universities in the US:

  •  Arizona State University (ASU),
  •  North Carolina State University (NCSU)
  •  SUNY Buffalo
  •  University of Illinois Chicago
  •  Indiana University (Bloomington).

If you are no longer a Computer Science aspirant, the possibilities for further options remain. However, I strongly recommend Germany if you are a Mechanical Engineering aspirant. It will provide you with the highest high-quality schooling in all fields related to Mechanical and Automobiles at very affordable costs and with tremendous opportunities.

Other low-cost places may additionally include,

  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Denmark
  • New Zealand

I hope you will make a better choice for your future. It would work (including relocation costs).



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