Which country is good for Data Science courses for commerce student?

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Data science is a constantly expanding discipline that is always changing as new technologies are created. As a result, data science has been dubbed the 21st century's trendiest career. Millions of exciting new career opportunities in data science have been made possible by products of big data, technology, and analytics.

LinkedIn has increased the requirement for data scientists by 75% since last year, more than any other role.

Top Nations for Data Science Education -

1. The United States of America
Many of the best colleges in the world, including Harvard University, Stanford University, and MIT, are located in the United States (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Additionally, data science is taught at many good but less prominent institutions.

Some of the world's biggest and most recognizable companies are headquartered in the US; if your ideal internship is at Facebook or Google, attending school in the US may help you land it! 

One of the criteria for American Masters in Data Science programmes is the English Proficiency Test. IELTS and TOEFL scores are acceptable.

2. Canada
One of the easiest countries to obtain a student VISA from is Canada. And if you're considering studying abroad, this is an essential element.

Canada's cost of living is far lower than that of the United States is another great reason to study data science there (or even in other parts of Europe).

Canadian universities offer several options for learning data science and a wide range of specializations. As a result, students have many choices regarding their educational path and can choose between full-time courses, part-time courses, online courses, or a combination of all three.

English proficiency exam, IELTS, or TOEFL scores are required for MS in Data Science in Canada

3. United Kingdom
Its prestigious universities (like Oxford University and Imperial College London) make it easy for you to find your way into a career as a data scientist.

We've placed the United Kingdom on our list of best countries for studying data science because of its many job opportunities for those with degrees in this field.

IELTS, PTE, and English proficiency exams are among the prerequisites for post-graduate education in data science. However, the GRE is not necessary for the United Kingdom.

4. Australia
Studying data science in Australia is an excellent choice if you want to pursue a knowledge-based job while leading a relaxed lifestyle. Australia is the ideal location for exploring data science because it is one of the world's most industrialized yet laid-back nations.

For Masters of Data Science programmes in Australia, IELTS or PTE results are accepted as a prerequisite. Australia does not require GRE scores to study data science.

We hope this information has helped you get a better picture. If you're still unsure about what to do or have any doubts or questions, feel free to drop a comment or reach out to us.


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