Which country is good for a Masters in Computer Science on a low budget?

Asked by NALLAVELLI SANDEEP about 2 years ago

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ananya singh

ananya singh

Undergrad student

Well, it's not actually hard to answer. I mean automatically the USA, UK and Canada are out of the question because of affordability. I actually have two names for this’; Australia and Germany. However Germany is your no tuition option, so I guess it comes across as a  better option in terms of affordability.  I recommend aiming for Australia if you want a good computer science course on a low budget.

On average, the top educational countries have tuition costs of annual 20-40 lakhs for a computer science master's degree. When you compare it to Australia it seems quite unrealistic. Because in Australian Universities you do a master degree in computer science for a cost of around 10-20 lakhs. The annual tuition cost of the MS in CS program from Melbourne University is under INR 30 lakhs. This is proof of world-class education at a reasonable price.

The budget does not stop here. Once the tuition cost is calculated it comes down to living expenses. In the USA, your one-year living expenses can reach 15 lakhs or maybe over 20lkahs based on your lifestyle. But in Australia, the regular prices for services like accommodation, food, and transport are not as high. Therefore you save a ton on your expenses here.


With a low budget, doing a Masters in Computer Science in Australia is smart. You will get good job opportunities later in your graduation which will result in a high return on investment (ROI). This is the best option as it saves you resources. Plus scholarships are very common for study in Australia and the country has many tiers with India. 

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