Which country is best to study translation studies and comparative literature for MA?

Asked by Lakshmi Kumari almost 2 years ago

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If I recommend a country based on the best universities, it has to be the UK. Translation and language courses have always been a focus point of UK universities. If you check rankings, most of the universities on the spot will be UK based. In general as well, for affordable options and b tier universities, the UK dominates here.

Besides, even if it wasn’t like that, I believe that you consider the UK to study translation studies and comparative literature for MA. Mostly because in India, we follow British english. GTranslation and literature are very much involved with language style. If you choose a USA or say Canada based university, it will be a little difficult to get things done effectively. Why not choose the place that has more comfort based on your lifestyle.

Even in exams like IELTS and TOEFL, it is recommended to go with your comfort pnes. As IELTS follows a British approach to the English language. For the university there, Oxford and Cambridge were the best ones from the start. Some other good options can be University of Kent, Liverpool and Queen Mary University of London.

Plus, the environment in Europe is best suited for courses like these. Most of the professions after translation and comparative literature are related to top international destinations. UK, France, Italy, Spain etc., are some places where you will find work in this field. Many professionals come to India as well to do translation jobs because Sanskrit and Hindi are getting more and more recognition.

But hey, it’s all about your interests. If you want some other suggestions, I would be happy to give you. Just let me know what are your preferences and what are your future objectives. I’ll try to share the relevant information and help you as much as I can. 


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