Which country is best for MS and which is best course for ECE student?

Asked by Epuru Haneeth about 1 year ago

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Divyakshi  Gupta

Divyakshi Gupta

Study Abroad Expert

USA is one of the high-quality countries to pursue MS in ECE. And Germany is additionally an excellent option. If you have decided that you prefer to pursue MS outdoor India then these two countries are first-class for MS in ECE.

In non-Anglophone countries, the medium of coaching might also very nicely be in a neighbourhood language. There can also be a small opening for English speakers, but it will be very less and rather competitive.

USA is the birthplace of electronics itself and as such the tradition of innovation in ECE has been here from the opening whose effects you will locate only in the USA.

After your MS, you would possibly be looking for a job, and in this regard it will be easiest for you to work directly after your MS in the USA.

Other nations closer to which you would possibly seem at are Singapore, Canada (I'm now not positive about Australia however I hear it's good). Again, it is handy for you to work in Singapore after your MS(slightly more difficult for Canada) and you may not have to speak in some other language. Also, Singapore is a world hub for electronics. Canada advantages from its proximity to the US.

If you wish to do a PhD rather than again and desire to go into research, this answer will change entirely.(Of course again, the USA will be the best, however you could look at many other countries as nicely then) .

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