Which country is best for MBA in agribusiness?

Asked by Rakesh over 2 years ago

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Agribusiness is an area of study that combines agricultural science and business. Programs teach

students how to generate profit by carefully managing the production and processing of crops and


You can study agribusiness at various undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Associate degrees

normally require two years of study in which students will be introduced to the fundamental theoretical

and practical aspects of agribusiness.

A bachelor’s degree in agribusiness requires at least three years of full-time study. However, most

programs encourage students to complete an additional 12-month industry placement. Placements are a

fantastic way to gather experience, build a professional network, and consolidate your learning.

Students planning on jetting off to the US will study for a minimum of four years. In line with the American

liberal arts model, you’ll take general education classes for the first two years of your program, before

specializing in agribusiness modules for the final half of your degree. 

Countries good for agribusiness:

1. New Zealand

2. Spain

3. USA

4. France

5. Canada


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