Which country is best for masters in Robotics?

Asked by Aanchal Jain over 1 year ago

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Ajay Kaparwan

Ajay Kaparwan

Founder & CEO at Blackcoffe

Robotics is basically a branch of computer science,  mechanical and electrical engineering. Because It has use in many areas, ther ar a lot of unemployment jobs available in top countries. We all know how much robotic work is out into developed countries. In general, a larger portion of manufacturing, design, construction and operations are done by robotics nowadays.

In these situations, it's smart to target only the top countries for this. Countries that have well established robotics industries along with really good universities. Having one aspect without the other is useless. You have to have a good education in this area plus a good industry to work in after graduation. My recommendation is to go with the USA, UK  or Germany on tis one.

The UK in particular is my favorite choice. The ‘application of automation and robotics within UK industries provides a value at stake of £183.6 billion to the UK economy' (Made Smarter Review). Most of the CS and engineering niche doesn’t even come close to this in the UK. The robotics market there is very prosperous and very lucrative.

USA on the other hand has a robotics market value of $41.7 billion (2021) and it is estimated to reach a sound $81.4 billion in 2028. This is more than impressive, given that the robotics industry is yet to develop on more grounds. USA also hosts the most number of international MNCs and universities. So definitely, you’ll have the most number of options there.

Germany on the other hand is very well infused with robotics.  Not just industry wide but also education wise. The country is an engineering and tech hub filled with many prosperous industries. Along with that the technical courses at German universities are very valued and acknowledged. Its market size may not be the greatest, but it has really good career options along with courses.

The final decision however should be made by considering your interests and goals. Like it's possible that the kind of job you want in robotics is not very popular in every country. If you need help in this matter, let me know. I can answer as many questions as you want.


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