Which country is best for a Masters in Electrical Engineering?

Asked by Mohammad Akbaroddin almost 2 years ago

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Steven Mizell

Steven Mizell

Student Athlete

You have good options like the USA, UK, Germany and Canada that have really good universities for Masters in Electrical Engineering. But if you ask for the very best one, I would go with the USA. Not just for electrical engineering, but USA universities are the best in every engineering discipline.

The universities in the USA are ranked best for engineering colleges. You must have heard names like MIT, UC Berkeley, Stanford etc. For many years, the number of engineering applications has been the highest in USA based universities. The reason for that is not just the theory of an excellent education system.

After you graduate with an Electrical Engineering master's, you will look for jobs, right? The post-graduation opportunities in engineering are best located in the USA. For example, the overall employment of electrical and electronics engineers will increase by more than 7% in the coming years for the USA. This means that almost 20,000+ electric engineering jobs will arise in the USA each year. I know the numbers may not remain the same for each year, but you get the idea.

I'm not saying that other countries are not good for electric engineering masters. For example, Switzerland and Germany are some really good places for engineering courses. But after you complete your graduation, you want a big prosperous environment to work in, right? The USA is the biggest economy in the world, and a large number of its revenue comes from the engineering sector.

You can do regular masters, double-degree or even joint degrees from two different universities there. There are a lot of options for youth to choose from. If you want some good university names, take the FREE SCHOOL EXPLORE QUIZ. This tool will give you the best options based on your academic qualifications. If you need some more information to start the process, just let me know.


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