Which country has the affordable and best college for hotel management?

Asked by ASAWARI PATIL about 2 years ago

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Vinamra Jain

Vinamra Jain

CSE undergrad student | Minor in Communication

The first name that comes to mind is Australia. Of-course the universities in the USA and UK are pretty good and have some best universities  but so does Australia. In fact around 7-8 Australian universities are ranked  under #100 universities globally.

By the way, foreign universities generally offer hospitality management courses instead of hotel management. Different names are used in different places, there is no other difference. So if you suddenly don’t see a hotel management program at a university, do not worry, it must be under hospitality.

Anyway, I’m quite sure you have heard names like University of Melbourne, Sydney and The Australian National University are a few names you have heard many times. Plus, you can do the best quality hotel management courses there at a very affordable rate. For affordability and quality, I don’t believe you have any options better than Australia here.

It's not like I’m getting anything out of it by recommending Australian universities. But whenever some student asks about courses in agriculture, healthcare and hospitality, I automatically go to Australia. They have top universities that offer hospitality MSc and MBA programs. And they cost less. And if that’s not enough, the country has excellent scholarship options. Compared to other countries, Australia has the most international bins with India. It facilitates easier journey there,

I can understand that based on your budget your options can change. I mean, here I’m assuming your budget to be average, maybe you have a little more or less than it. So I suggest you share your information by commenting below on what you have decided till now. 

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