Which countries are the most affordable and best for MBA in Hospital Administration?

Asked by yashasvi neekhra almost 2 years ago

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Neha Shah

Neha Shah

Undergrad Student at Miranda House

To answer your question, we’ll have to take turns for your options. Because there aren't many countries that offer a variety of MBAs in hospital management. And the ones that do, are not as affordable as one might think. USA and UK are the only options I can suggest to you right now.

You must be wondering how come these two fit in the affordable section? Well, both of these countries have many options for hospital administration. So generally, the cost of education could range from low to high. The reason I don't want to suggest countries like Australia, Norway or Switzerland is that they don't actually offer MBAs in hospital administration. The best you would find is a healthcare MBA.

The USA has been the very best location for hospital administration masters for years. The country is most developed in healthcare and hospital administration. Universities In the USA have the highest record of average salaries. And the degree you will obtain will be recognized in most places. For MBA in hospital administration tuition, it can range from INR 20-45 lakhs per year. For your options, there are many top names that offer these programs such as Cornell University, MIT & UC Berkeley.

In case you do not want to target the USA there are Canada and Australia too. Canada is best for a justified investment. Because even an average MBA from Canada has a good ROI. You can work well in the business industry with enough investment. And also, the country is  very welcoming. Australia on the other hand is good for a low cost MBA. There are good universities in the country and MBA specialization. It is a combined good and affordable option.

However, the UK would be my second choice. Although you have many options for MBA in hospital administration in the UK, they are mostly specialized ones. The broad MBA  programs in healthcare are not as much as in the USA. The cost of tuition can be around INR 15-30 lakhs for a good MBA. For the best option, you will have to spend a bit much. However, there is a big plus point. The UK has some really good healthcare Executive MBAs, These are the central attractions in the UK regarding hospital administration.

From all pros and cons, I would suggest the USA for one certain reason. UK universities lack in clinic and medicine MBAs specialization. These are two big parts of hospital administration. But in case this is not a major concern of yours, you are good to go.

I know it can be a bit too much for you to figure out the most suitable country for your masters yourself. In my opinion, you should directly get in touch with experts who will, first evaluate your profile and then align it with your preferences and future objectives. I'm sure it will make a lot of things easier for you and will help you make more informed decisions. 



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