Which countries are best for MSc Data Science colleges?

Asked by Mamta Rao about 1 year ago

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Blake Prescher

Blake Prescher

Senior Expert Blockchain Research

To be frank about it, USA has always been the #1 choice for Data Science colleges. Like it isn't even an argument. From the very start, universities like UC Berkeley, Duke University, Michigan etc., are some of the most popular names when it comes to data science programs.

Apart from the USA, the other good options are the UK, Canada and Australia. Each country has its own specific features. As you must know, data science is currently the most popular masters and career option in all major countries. So it is natural that all these countries are strengthening their data science course and the postgrad features.

If looked at separately, the USA is best overall. The universities there have more data science courses, better graduation rates plus high employability. On average, a fresh data scientist graduate from USA colleges earn above $50,000 (around 38+ lakhs) as annual income. It is mainly because of all the bigger job and a]career options available in the country. The USA is the hub of data and information.

The UK on the other hand is mostly better because of its research career options. Compared to the USA, if you are specifically looking for a research career in data science, I would suggest you try the UK. There you have colleges like Imperial, Edinburgh, Manchester and Warwick that excel in academics and post graduation features. Also in the UK, you can finish your data science program in one-year as the colleges offer one-year fast-paced courses.

Canada & Australia have been the emerging locations in this subject. No doubt you have good options there as well. However, I would suggest targeting these if you do not prefer the USA and the UK. Canada will be basically the more broader option while Australia will be cheaper. The lifestyle in both of these countries also stays the same. So it becomes an easier decision to make.

But in case you are not quite sure yet, let me know. I can give you specific details on data science colleges in all these countries so you understand which one will be more suited for you. 


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