Which college are best for MBA how can I get admissions?Also, when will be the admission what is the fee structure?

Asked by Namita Jena about 1 year ago

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Priya Singhania

Priya Singhania

MentR-Me Team

Whoa! That’s a lot of questions in just two lines. Let's answer it one at a time. First of all, an MBA is quite a popular choice now so the information you seek can be easily found. You can also easily know your scholarship and education loan chances for an MBA abroad. Now let’s start with the best colleges for MBA, shall we?

It depends on what location you want to pursue MBA from. The UK, France, USA, and Canada are some of the best places you can do your MBA. I am suggesting you few best universities from top locations globally, decide for yourself -


  1. London Business School (UK)
  2. Imperial College London (UK)
  3. HEC Paris (France)
  4. INSEAD (France)
  5. IE Business School (Spain)
  6. Wharton School of Business (USA)
  7. Booth School of Business (USA)
  8. Harvard Business School (USA)
  9. University of Toronto (Canada)
  10. McGill University (Canada)

Of course, these are only suggestions. There are much more universities and b schools for you to choose from. Now for admission, you will need a few things; a bachelor's degree, all academic transcripts, GMAT test scores, English language test scores (IELTS/TOEFL) and a non-refundable application fee. Although you will need to submit a few extra documents, these are the most important ones. After managing all these you can visit your chosen MBA page and apply online.

About when the admission will be, can vary. Tough all the top universities and b schools have multiple intakes. The ones I have mentioned above have Fall and Spring intakes for admission (most of them). You can either start applying in September or in January. The decision is yours only, make sure you go over everything before making the final choice.

The fee structure differs in each country. The USA is the most costly place to do an MBA with an average annual tuition range of 30-50 lakhs. UK MBA cost a little less ranging from around 20-40 lakhs (although the UK has a one-year MBA, it comes cheap). Canadian MBA costs around 20-35 lakhs annual tuition while if you choose European countries like France, Spain etc., you will need an annual budget of 20-30 lakhs.

(Some countries may seem overpriced but know that the higher the tuition, the higher the ROI)

I guess this will do it. I have tried to answer everything you have asked in s simple terms as I can. Tough if I have left some crucial detail or you want to know more ask me about it.


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