Which are the most affordable Universities and Colleges in the UK for Commerce and MBA?

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Although studying abroad and experiencing a different way of life is the goal of every second person on the planet, we also can't dismiss the possibility that doing so could provide a financial challenge. Everyone thinks that studying in the UK is usually expensive and not for everyone, especially when the destination is the UK.

The top affordable institutions in the UK for people interested in studying commerce are listed below for those considering doing so on a more cost-effective budget:

1. University of Chester
Undergraduate Course: £12,700 (INR 13.10 Lakh)
Postgraduate Courses: £12,950 (INR 13.36 Lakh)

2. Leeds Beckett University
Undergraduate Course: £13,000 (INR 13.41 Lakh)
Postgraduate Courses: £14,000 (INR 14.45 Lakh)
Research Courses: £14,000 (INR 14.45 Lakh)

3. Anglia Ruskin University
Undergraduate Course: £13,900 (INR 14.34Lakh)
Postgraduate Courses: £13,900 to £16,700 (INR 14.34 Lakh – INR 17.23 Lakh)
Postgraduate Research Courses: £13,900 (INR 14.34 Lakh)

4. University of West London
Undergraduate Course: £12,750 (INR 13.16 Lakh)
Postgraduate Courses: £13,250 (INR 13.67 Lakh)

5. University of Greenwich
Undergraduate courses: £14,500 (INR 14.96 Lakh)
Postgraduate courses: £14,500 – £18,000 (INR 14.96 Lakh – INR 18.58 Lakh) 

6. University of Wolverhampton
Undergraduate courses: £12,950 (INR 13.36 Lakh)
Postgraduate courses: £13,950 (INR 14.39 Lakh)
Research courses: £15,500 (INR 15.99 Lakh)

Affordable Universities in the UK for MBA:

  • The University of Northampton (Tuition Fee: £14k (₹ 15.21 Lakh)
  • University College Birmingham (Tuition Fee: £8k (₹ 7.73 Lakh)
  • Institute of the Education University of London (Tuition Fee: £8k (₹ 7.80 Lakh)
  • The University of Birmingham (Tuition Fee: £28k (₹ 29.88 Lakh)
  • University Campus Suffolk (Tuition Fee: £9k (₹ 10.21 Lakh)
  • The University of Ulster (Tuition Fee: £10k (₹ 10.27 Lakh)
  • Leeds Beckett University (Tuition Fee: £10k (₹ 10.31Lakh)
  • The University of Wales, Trinity Saint David (Tuition Fee: £10k (₹ 10.31 Lakh)

That concludes the list of affordable commerce and MBA-friendly universities in the UK. There are other economic colleges in the UK for MBA programmes in addition to the ones already mentioned. If you're looking for the cheapest MBA programme at a UK university, conduct your research before applying.


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