Which are the best universities for data science in USA in 2022?

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candice samuel

candice samuel

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The USA has been the best place for technological studies and data science programs in the world. Students from various nationalities come to the US to pursue their data science programmes and courses. Various top universities around the globe are situated in the United States of America. 

These universities have some of the best and most experienced faculties that hold the hands of the students for the rest of their programme’s journey and provide an excellence at every path. This place is renowned not for just beautiful landscapes but also for delivering the best professionals to the world, which leads the market and takes an organization to new heights. 

So let’s check out the top 3 universities to pursue one’s masters in data science in US: 

The George Washington University – School of Engineering & Applied Science:
This university is always on the top rankings of the preferences of students. Also, this university has been at the top of the world when it comes to the most lucrative programmes in data science, and it has been maintaining this position since then. 

Here students are provided with the most industry-relevant studies and problems that push the students out of their comfort zone and make them a better version of themselves. 

Tufts University – School of Engineering
The name of the program at Tufts University is MSc in Data Science. This program focuses on developing knowledge and proficiency in the latest tools and software programmes. This school has been an elite place to gain the necessary skills and develop the qualities of a professional in-demand data scientist. 

There are ample experienced and qualified faculties in these universities to guide you on each step and provide you with the necessary mentorship in case you face any issues. 

Michigan State University:
Michigan State University is one of the oldest universities in the world, but its method of instruction and delivering knowledge is at pace with the latest methodologies and procedures. The universities equip their students with the latest tools and techniques that help them to land the best and a high paying positions at the reputed top companies.


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