Which are the best possible options for doing my masters degree in microbiology abroad?Are scholarships available?

Asked by Aslama Mamadu over 2 years ago

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Keith Malloy

Keith Malloy

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Hello Aslama, how's everything going?

If you are inquiring about possible options, let me start by telling you - a lot. Actually, I know you can say this for any field regardless. But primarily because of healthcare and technology, career choices in microbiology have risen up. And we have all seen the Covid-19 pandemic. So it's not illogical to know it has contributed as well.

If you are asking this question, I assume you are familiar with the subject enough. So no need to explain why it's important in all conditions I mentioned. The only answers here are the most productive microbiology masters. Some best of them are cellular and molecular biology, immunology, genetics and cancer. Not because they are major fields, but because of their career options. You will be more flexible with these fields. Plus more options in them. That never hurts.

Now coming towards the second part of your question, scholarships are subject to many factors out of our control, right? I mean first, your grades. It's no news that majorly your scholarship will be your qualification dependent. And rest are flexible on your financial conditions. 

To get this all figured out, you can get in touch with experts for free at https://bit.ly/34cc10E 

They will look into your profile and needs and then suggest you the most suitable scholarships. 

Did this help you? Let me know if you want me to give any more details. 



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