Which are the best countries offering PG courses related to Environmental Studies and Earth observation or Earth studies. What are the job opportunities.?

I have Bachelor's and Master's degree in Geoinformatics and Earth observation

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Edwin Selvaraj

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Depending on your standards and goals for a graduate degree, you can decide whether earning a master's in environmental science is worth the money and time. Due to the importance of the field, many students believe earning a doctorate in environmental science is worthwhile. People are majoring in environmental science because environmental concerns are becoming more global, and they want to learn how to gather and evaluate the data that will help improve environmental challenges.

Best International Environment Science Universities: 


The top university in the nation for natural and technological sciences is Denmark Technical University (DTU). DTU is a highly regarded institution that excels in research, innovation, teamwork, and entrepreneurship on a global scale. The estimated cost of tuition for non-EU students is $8,700 a semester.


Sweden's finest universities include Stockholm University. It focuses on working with businesses to apply research in practical ways. Aspiring students should anticipate spending most of their time in teams and utilizing information from the social sciences, law, and medicine. The first year's tuition is $27,000.

South Africa

The best university in South Africa and a leader in inclusive research is the University of Cape Town (UCT). One of the most prestigious academic departments for environmental science is located at UCT, the oldest institution in South Africa. The Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment at UCT strives for advancement and development while tackling current socio economic problems, particularly sustainability and conservation.


The Norwegian University of Science and Technology focuses on global success and researches energy, sustainability, the oceans, and human health. They provide a variety of environmental science courses, including ones in geomatics, renewable energy, and sustainable design.


One of Spain's top public universities, the University of Barcelona offers a wide selection of degree programmes. Environmental science enthusiasts are especially welcome to apply to the university's Faculty of Earth Sciences. For its efforts on research impact, the University of Barcelona continuously receives acclaim on a global scale. The tuition here is affordable for international students, with rates beginning at less than $1,000.


Singapore is a technologically sophisticated and fast-paced city. The Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is, in reality, proud of its extensive research and citations in the scientific and technological sectors. Aspirant environmental science students should draw on humanities and social sciences information to solve sustainability and environmental issues.

I hope my response to your question about the top nations to study environmental science was helpful and instructive.


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