Which are the 7 best universities for master's in data science?

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Keith Malloy

Keith Malloy

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Completing a Master’s program in data science won’t guarantee you a high-paying job, because this is completely dependent upon your own skills and abilities. But one thing is sure, it will give you an opportunity to develop the necessary level of skills and knowledge. 

So now let’s discuss the 7 top universities for master’s programs in data science: 

1. New York University: New York University provides an online as well as offline program. The university is located in New York and the name of the program is MS in Data Science (MSDS). The program is mainly focused on Data science, big data, mathematics and data, natural language processing and physics. The duration of this program is of 24 months. 

2. Carnegie Mellon University: The Master’s in computation Data Science program(MCDS) of Carnegie Mellon University is of two years. This program is also available in dual formats, which are online and offline. For the offline mode, the student needs to maintain a certain attendance mandated by the university. The tuition fees of this program will cost you around $25,000 per semester. 

3. North Carolina State University: The North Carolina State University provides an MS in Analytics program (MSA) which offers a 10-month cohort-based learning experience. The good part is that the employment rate of this program is 95%, with an average base salary of $98,200. 

4. University of Oklahoma: There is a 14-month master’s program at the University of Oklahoma, the name of the program is MS in data science and analytics. The program’s tuition fee is $30,000 per semester. 

5. University of Iowa: The program at the University of Iowa offers a Master’s in Business Analytics program, whose duration is 16 months. This program provides 10 courses, you will need to pass all 10 of them to earn your degree. The tuition fees of this program are $19,950 per semester. 

6. Purdue University: Purdue University has a full-time program in data science, the name of the program is Master of Science in Business Analytics and Information Management. It consists of three semesters and the cost of this program is $47,786. 

7. DePaul University: The MS in Data Science program of the DePaul University guarantees to equip the students with the right skills and knowledge that helps them get the best placement package in the top companies. The program is for two years. 

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