Which are courses in canada to do after bcom?

Asked by Talat Qureshi almost 2 years ago

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Joshua Borisova

Joshua Borisova

Founder & CEO at TAXA

You must know by your question how many options you have. I mean commerce is already the most diverse subject area. Plus you are asking without any specifics. I guess I can suggest it to you in a general way. For me personally, I would either consider an MIM or a MFin course. These are two best fits for a fresh BCom graduate. Let me explain.

See, MIM is already one of the most popular master courses in the world. It is specifically designed for fresh graduates that are looking to start a career in business and management. Plus it fits your background perfectly. I mean instead of an MBA, what's the closest option for you? It’s MIM obviously. If you are interested in this option, I would suggest going for it without a doubt. In these times, management professionals are highly in demand and paid incredibly well.

The other option MFin is also something to think about. If you do not know, finance professionals are paid the highest salaries in the business industry right after MBA graduates. Sometimes even more than an MBA holder. Because the job roles in the finance sector are mostly related to money, these graduates earn big commissions. Do not take this profession as just a creative one though. Since having a good financial expert means more money to the company, MFin graduates are highly valued in industry.

If you ask me, I would go for a MIM first than a MFin masters.  Both are excellent options and based on your interests and career needs, make decisions. The other good options for you after BCom are; masters in marketing, business analytics, international business and supply chain management courses. Though I would recommend to go for these before a MIM and MFin only if you have specific interest in any one of them.

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