Which all countries are you dealing with for Master programs in Management Studies for Europe ( Estonia)?

Asked by Namitha Nitin over 1 year ago

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ayush sharma

ayush sharma

Economics Undergrad Student || dep. Marketing Head at Enactus ARSD

Hey Namitha, how’s everything going?

So there are a lot of countries and universities that we can help you get admission in. According to me, it won’t be of any help if I just give you the general school list that we can help you for. The most appropriate approach would be creating a blueprint of your preferences and your eligibility and then checking the relevant universities. For this, you can get your profile evaluated for free at https://bit.ly/3JLXrwB and then get the list of universities that you are eligible for. Once you have the list of universities that match your eligibility, it would be a lot more convenient for you to narrow down your options. 

Why don’t you get your ideal school list first? Maybe then I would be able to help you with the admission process. 



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