Where should I go for a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics?

Asked by Mehak almost 2 years ago

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Gautam Kumar

Gautam Kumar

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Hello Mehak, how are you doing?

I believe that the USA would be the most suitable destination for doing a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics. I would not elaborate by giving key points. Just know that the biggest reason is availability. You will see more options for courses, institutes and locations in the USA for nutrition and dietetics. In other countries, you will be stuck with few options. And if it does work out, the institutes are limited. The USA has more institutes and variety in courses for nutrition and dietetics.

And, you will have more options in terms of education. For example, maybe your concentration changes. Maybe you decide something different. It will all give you ideas on what you want to study and what to do next. Therefore, it will be very convenient for you. As mentioned the subject is a little complex and remains far from the spotlight.

Did this help anyway or do you want me to help you with colleges to target and their admission process? 



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