Where should I choose for an IT related PG program? If I want to settle abroad.?

Asked by Sandra Sauji about 2 years ago

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Chirag Galundia

Chirag Galundia

Principal Product Manager Amazon

Hey Sandra, how are you doing?

So you want to study abroad after your post-graduation in an IT relevant program? Don't get me wrong, the choice is good. It's just that this decision revolves around some impactful factors. European countries like the UK, Sweden, France, Ireland seem reasonable and full of lifestyle options. On the other hand, in places like Philadelphia, Boston, New York, etc., in the USA it is a fortune to live in. All these mentioned places excel at providing top quality post-graduation in IT. And I don't think I have to explain their IT environment. Countries like Sweden and USA are like the biggest faces in the IT industry. And cities like London, Oxford, Kildare, Philadelphia are world-famous for their research in IT.

The possibilities are more than enough. But the fact remains they are all field specifics. Your professional career could hit a break if you choose to stay in a major IT country or city. The job profile and earnings are not in any way degrading, keep assured. But to select a specific location to pursue a career after a post-graduation in IT is focused. For instance, you can get tenure, or say executive position at an MNC. But the inter-dynamic IT industry is not location-specific. What I am trying to convey is not to stop you but rather to have a particular goal. Fixated on your career choices and then proceed. An IT career in any mentioned destination is falling fruits from a tree. And in this case; the fruits are career opportunities.

I would want to know more about your profile, interests and future objectives, to guide you through more suitable options. So connect with me and tell me more about your profile buddy. 



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