Where is Arizona State University located?Is it hard to find accommodation around the university?

Asked by Sudheer Yadav about 1 year ago

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MentR-Me Team

Beyond the visible faces on campus, Arizona State University values diversity. Four campuses in the Phoenix metro area provide a range of experiences, views, and feelings. Therefore, there is a campus for everyone, whether you desire to be in the middle of a large metropolis (the fifth-largest in the country, to be precise). 

Students pursuing jobs in business, government, nonprofit and public social service, journalism, the arts and sciences, and law attend ASU's Downtown Phoenix campus.

Numerous majors are available on the storied Tempe campus, engaging undergraduate and graduate students in multidisciplinary study and exploring top-notch facilities. Sun Devil Stadium and ASU's other Pac-12 sporting venues also add to the spirited atmosphere on campus.

Students who study integrated sciences and arts, engineering, management, technology, and education call the ASU Polytechnic campus home.

ASU's West campus offers more than 50 undergraduate and graduate degree programmes that combine a liberal arts education with training in 21st-century leadership. Additionally, the campus' stunning architecture and courtyards provide the ideal location for students to take advantage of the sunshine and do their homework outside on the grass.

Since all the campuses lie in metropolitan areas, finding accommodation nearer to them is easy.


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