Where do I study for master's in the UK after doing a bachelor's in pharmacy?

Asked by Bismi Venu about 2 years ago

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Ajay Kaparwan

Ajay Kaparwan

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So if I understand it correctly, you are looking for a Pharmacy master in the UK, right? Well, I got some answers that you are going to be interested in. The best pharmacy masters in the UK are not only from good universities but the very best universities in the UK and Europe.

The most obvious options for M.Pharma courses are Oxford, Cambridge and Nottingham. All three universities are good and share the primary reason for the program. The M.Pharma courses from these three are career specific. What I mean is your degree is as valuable as your academics there. Though there are some key differences.

Like Oxford, it bends more toward the theoretical aspect. You will see more theory and practical training to assess you for further career options. And in Cambridge, the program is more research-based, so your career is kind of predetermined. University of Nottingham pharmacy masters is more universal. This course is for those who look for integrated jobs in the industry, like a managerial position. 

But if you can’t target these three due to finance or qualification there are two more options. UCL and King’s College. These two will be a little less costly and require a bit less qualification (at least compared to the top three ones). Both colleges are fine and counted in first-tier universities.

But the first and foremost thing that you need to consider while shortlisting the university for your master's is your profile. It would include your academic profile, your extracurricular achievements, your work experience (if any), entrance exam scores etc. 

If you feel that figuring out your eligibility could be a tough task for yourself, you can always get in touch with experts for FREE. They will not just evaluate your profile but also assist you in the whole studying abroad process and make it a lot easier for you. 





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