Where to go to study MS?UK or US?

Asked by Abhigna over 2 years ago

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ishita goyal

ishita goyal

Undergrad student | BA in Economics and Political Science | Digital content management | Event Management

Hey Abhigna, how are you doing?

So generally both USA and UK are considered good options for pursuing an MS because they are home to some of the most renowned universities and the expert faculty, fantastic student support facilities and employment opportunities are endless there.

But the main factor is the course and specialization that you wish to pursue. Because there are certain courses whose ideal study destination is other than the USA or UK. For example, if you wish to study something fashion related, I wouldn’t suggest you to move to the USA or UK. Instead, France would be a more appropriate choice. 

Thus, you should always align your field of study and future objectives, and then choose the most suitable place to pursue your masters.

Why don’t you tell me more about the field of study that you are interested in? Maybe then I would be able to give you relevant information. 


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