Where can you find the best Data Science information?

Asked by Disna Rai almost 2 years ago

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Puneet Singh

Puneet Singh

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As of now, data science is the most famous area of study. The industry itself is using data science everywhere and in every manner. You might think that it's all data calculation and analysis, but there is more to data science than that. Companies that simply offer delivery services also use data science. Just think of it as a necessary tool in the current market.

Hence, it almost becomes necessary to gather information on the subject. We got large multinational corporations (MNCs), education, development, IT and many things that need to know more. Because if you stay the same, you are not developing, just staying satisfied with what you have. For now, data science is the thing that everyone is looking for. Professions like data analytics, business intelligence, statistics, visualization and mining are a few examples that have come out of data science.

There are more than enough sources where you can get information on data science. I personally have my own favourites. You should know the trusted and interactive places where you can do the same. I have some really good suggestions, here are them.

Kaggle: It's not just a free website. Kaggle is basically the biggest dedicated source to gather data science information. It has its own community. Kaggle supports high-quality data science, deep learning, machine learning and many other things like the latest software and trends. It is probably the most crucial platform in current times for data science.

Universities: By universities, I mean exactly what you think. International universities that have data science programs are a great place to gather data on data science. You are not just free to browse their curriculums and data science topics but also a lot of developments. These universities keep publishing their papers, reports and analysis on data science. Their research topics, online events and projects are also very infomercial.

Open Sources: Open sources like Google and Quora are the most interactive places to browse. You can have your questions answered, find new things, talk to people and a lot many things you can do here. Also, because these sources are super easy and everyone knows of them, it makes it really simple to go through them.

I believe that these are enough to know everything about data science. You can find all kinds of information here. I have mentioned different kinds of places to suit your comfort. Try going through these sources and see for yourself. But in case you don’t find something, just let me know. This platform here is to know everything about education. Thanks.


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