Where can I find some good Data Science books PDF?

Asked by Manoj Soni almost 2 years ago

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vandana sinha

vandana sinha

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Finding data science PDFs is not a big deal. What you need is to find a good source for it. Because many websites are just for clickbaits and promote their own services. Plus the other ones are just filled with cookies and can’t be trusted. Not to mention that many websites charge for data science and other PDFs. This is why you need good sources for your PDFs.

If you ask me, I would recommend going for either People.edu or Learndatasci. These are some really good sources to get data science PDFs. These two websites are already famous to offer many many good PDFs on data sciencee that are free of cost. You can either browse there or simply use data alone or related keywords to find desired PDF links online.

One other good source is Github. Although it is a provider of internet hosting for software development and version control, you can find many good things there. Data science PDFs are also available there. You don’t even need to search deeply for it. Same as for People.edu and Learndatasci, you just need help with keywords. After you find those, either read it online or download it based on your choice.

I can name like 10 more websites to get data science PDFs. However, I recommend sticking with these three. Having too many options is also not good. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. You can use PDFdrive as well for good quality data science PDFs. Same as the previous one, you can get them for free of cost. What better gift can there be for a student than to get good studying materials for free of cost.

If you are not satisfied with these sources then there are always universities abroad. Yeah, foreign universities also have many data science PDFs that are free to access. Not just by the students but anyone can have those. You can simply search by a university name to see if they have data science PDFs available. Compared to some websites, data science PFDs are better taken from a university website given a certain situation.

For example, suppose you are applying to a university abroad and they have data science PDFs available. Those will be much relevant to your future curses hence, better than any other source. Let me know if you find any difficulties finding those. I’ll be happy to help anytime possible.


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