What's the procedure for a USA visa?Is spouse allowed?

Asked by Manisha Chopra over 1 year ago

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Visa procedures are pretty standard in every country. It doesn't really make a difference whether you are going alone or taking your spouse along with you. The only difference would be that you have to apply for a different visa instead of a solo one.

The type of visa you are looking for here is a nonimmigrant visa for a spouse. These generally fall under the K-3 category, so make sure before you start applying. The procedure I suggest is to apply for a USA visa at the Consulate or Embassy in your country of residence. The procedure is:


  • check all visa types and select the one you want
  • fill in the Non-immigrant visa application Form DS-160.
  • answer some basic questions and submit all asked documents
  • pay the application fee

Keep in mind that you will need certain things if you are planning to take your spouse along with you. The absolute necessity things are; receipt of Form DS-160 online, digital passport-size photo, relationship proof (marriage certificate copy or birth certificate), SEVIS-dependent Form I-20 (received form your school), passport, purpose documents and a copy of proof of your tuition and other expenses to be paid while your stay in the country.

Have all the mentioned things prepared and you are set to apply for a visa for your spouse. It gets a little complex later on with interview and document confirmation but it's no big deal really. All you have to do is follow the procedure and keep calm. If you want you can take the help of the official government portals to see what things you need more. There are all kinds of information and Q&As there that can clear your doubts much more. Let me know if any further information is required from my end. 


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