What's the difference between data analytics and data science?Which country is best for masters?

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Tejaswini Malik

Tejaswini Malik

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Two of the most sought-after, well-paying careers in 2021 are data analysts and data scientists. These positions were ranked first for rising demand across industries in the World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs Report 2020, followed by big data and AI professionals.

Data analysts often use tools like SQL, R or Python programming languages, data visualization software, and statistical analysis to work with structured data to address real-world business issues. Typical tasks for a data analyst could be:

  1. Identifying informational needs in collaboration with organizational executives.
  2. Obtaining information from both primary and secondary sources.
  3. Data organization and cleaning up for analysis.
  4. Examining data sets to find patterns and trends that can be transformed into knowledge that can be used.
  5. Making clear presentations of findings to help decision-makers use data to their advantage.

When dealing with the unknown, data scientists frequently use more sophisticated data approaches to generate future predictions. They might develop techniques for predictive modeling that can handle both structured and unstructured data, or they might automate their machine learning algorithms. This position is typically viewed as an improved version of a data analyst. Typical daily chores could include:

  1. Gathering, purifying, and processing unprocessed data
  2. Using machine learning algorithms and predictive models to harvest large data sets
  3. Creating instruments and procedures to track and evaluate data accuracy
  4. Building dashboards, reports, and tools for data visualization
  5. Programming the collection and processing of data in an automated manner

The best Nations for Data Science and Data Analytic education are: 

United States

  • The University of California at #4
  • Carnegie Mellon University at #53
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology at #1
  • Stanford University at #3
  • The University of Washington at #85

United Kingdom

  • The University of Edinburgh at #16
  • The University of Warwick at #61
  • Imperial College London at #7
  • The University of Manchester at #27
  • The University of Southampton at #77


  • The University of Melbourne at #37
  • Monash University at #58
  • The University of Sydney at #38
  • RMIT University at #206
  • UNSW Sydney at #43


  • Technische Universität München at #159
  • The Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich at #64
  • The University of Mannheim at #423
  • Technical University Dortmund at #801
  • Leuphana University of Lüneburg at #1000


  • The University of Waterloo at #149
  • The University of British Columbia at #46
  • Ryerson University at #801-1000
  • The University of Toronto at #26
  • Carleton University at #601-650

Basically, data science and and data analytics are much connected but are not same. In simplest words, data science is a subset of data  science that mainly deals with analytics. Its a  specialization in data science. If you are in the process of selecting one of these for higher studies let me know. Maybe I can somehow be of help.


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