What's the procedure to get into a fashion college in the USA after completing Physiotherapy bachelors in India?

I'm studying BPT here in India but I want to study fashion in US after I get my degree. So I would like to know admission procedure for that.

Asked by Shruj Shah over 1 year ago

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Avani Oswal

Avani Oswal

4th year undergrad student

Your bachelor here is not much of a concern. USA based universities do not demand a relevant degree to fashion related courses. Basically you can join a fashion college there with any bachelors. This works in your favor as physiotherapy is not much connected with any fashion course.

The procedure is quite simple, I’ll put it in steps to make it more convenient -


  1. arrange your academic transcripts along with your undergraduate degree
  2. you’ll also need some important documents like your ID, passport, and photographs
  3. attempt standardized test score GRE or GMAT
  4. attempt an English language test score (TOEFL/IELTS/PTE)
  5. prepare your SOP, LORs and Essays in advance
  6. visit official program website and start your application process
  7. submit asked documents, answer questions, then click submit
  8. give your interview (if required by the program)
  9. if university approve your application, start your scholarship and visa application
  10. fly to the college destination and start your course

The most important steps here are number 3-5. The tests and documents mentioned in these steps are of utmost importance. Based on these things, the admission committee decides whether you are a deserving candidate or not. GRE, language test, SOP, LORs and Essays are very crucial and students are suggested to practice for them very early (if possible in your bachelors).

Fashion colleges are not very academic. You’ll go through practical learning more compared to theoretical knowledge. Therefore my suggestion would be to include personal and non-academic achievement more in your profile. Since fashion courses are not very academic, you can manage with lower grades and good side activities like things.

Does it clear your concern regarding how to get into fashion colleges in the USA? If you want some specific information, I’ll be happy to help. Just let me know what I can add?


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