What will be the total cost for doing masters in Chemical Engineering in UK?

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Avani Oswal

Avani Oswal

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In the UK, a yearlong MS in Chemical Engineering programme typically costs between 20,900 and 32,500 GBP ($22 and 32 LPA INR). Universities in the UK grant Masters of Science (MSc) and Masters of Research (MRes) degrees in chemical engineering. A Bachelor's degree with a percentile score of 60-70 per cent in Engineering, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Life Sciences, or another relevant topic is the typical eligibility requirement for MS in Chemical Engineering in the UK.

A student hopes to make better returns because the fees are so significant. Early in their careers, chemical engineers in the UK produce about 30,000 GBP or 29 LPA INR. The UK now offers a two-year stay-back policy, which benefits international students who want to earn a degree there.

According to the QS rating for chemical engineering, several of the master's engineering programmes in the UK that offer this field are among the top 20 worldwide. Famous universities in the UK that offer an MS in chemical engineering are listed below:

UK universities with their world ranking and annual tuition fee:

  1. Imperial College London: #7 (35 lakhs)
  2. University College London: #8 (35 lakhs)
  3. University of Edinburgh: #16 (31 lakhs)
  4. University of Manchester: #27 (27 lakhs)
  5. University of Birmingham: #90 (25 lakhs)
  6. University of Leeds: #92 (25 lakhs)
  7. University of Nottingham: #103 (26 lakhs)
  8. University of Aberdeen: #205 (22 lakhs)
  9. Loughborough University: #231 (23 lakhs)
  10. University of Strathclyde: #302 (20 lakhs)

Arrival Cost:

You must arrange for pre-arrival costs while you are still in your home country and preparing for your education, which includes university application fees, student immigration fees, and admission tests necessary to study in the UK.

  • The cost of applying for a UK student visa is about INR 34,281.
  • IELTS testing fees average INR 15,009.
  • Application Fee varies TOEFL Fee is roughly INR 14,008 
  • PTE Fee is around 14,108

Fees for an MS in Chemical Engineering in the UK:

The master's in chemical engineering is a one-year degree at most engineering colleges in the UK. The program's tuition costs range from 20,000 to 32,000 GBP. A student from India will likely pay between 18 and 30 lakh INR for this.

UK Cost of Living:

Your lifestyle will affect how much you pay for housing in the UK. It also depends on the city and university that you choose. In the UK, a night's lodging typically costs 400 GBP.

Three of the institutions in the UK are among the top 20 universities in the world, making it a popular choice for chemical engineering study abroad programmes. The UK is a great area to pursue your MS in Chemical Engineering degree due to the country's increasing requirement for qualified chemical engineers. With an MS in chemical engineering in the UK, you can choose from several PhD programmes to continue your research in the subject while earning a respectable salary.


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