What will be the overall 2 years expense for doing masters in Canada?

Asked by Syeda Alviya over 1 year ago

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Edwin  Selvaraj

Edwin Selvaraj

MentR-Me Team

Country Expert : UK

I understand finance is one of the major aspects of studying abroad and it is wise to get information about the expenses that you will have to take into consideration, in advance. Here I have listed few of the major expenses that you will have to bare with:


Flight Expense        INR 1,00,000- 2,00, 000/- per flight

Study Permit Fees        $150 (INR 11,123)

Work Permit Fees        $155 (INR 11,493) 

IELTS test Fees              INR 14,700

Accommodation        CAD 5,000 – CAD 10,000(INR 2,67,000-INR 5,39,000) per annum

Travel Costs        CAD 80 – CAD 110 (INR 4,300-INR 6,000) per month

Health Insurance        CAD 300-CAD 800 (INR 17,000-INR 44,000)

Food        CAD 300- CAD 400 [17,508 INR-23,344] (monthly)

Entertainment        CAD 750 [43,770 INR] (monthly)

Hope this helps!


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