What will be the median total cost of both tution fee and living for doing MS in Computer science for whole 2 years?

Asked by Yash Gawari 11 months ago

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Joshua Borisova

Joshua Borisova

Founder & CEO at TAXA

It depends on multiple factors.

Tuition: Tuition cost at the university you will be studying in. The tuition, in turn, depends on the student's residency status. Typically resident(in-state) students pay half of what nonresident(out-state) students pay. 

This is a highly variable expense and differs from university to university, and is also based on your course. On average, we consider tuition fees USD 40,000 (INR 29,60,000) for a two-year MS program. Of course, you may get scholarships or other financial aid to reduce these costs. You might also want to consider financing your tuition fee with an education loan.

Living: The cost of living in the city you will be staying in. Graduate students usually share an apartment with someone. After sharing a house, rent ranges from $350 in the midwest to $1500 on the coasts per month.

Food: Food expenses vary from person to person, depending on their food choice/preference. If one cooks at home, they should not be spending more than $300 on food per month compared to $600 if dining out.

Travel: Usually, university towns have a dedicated bus network for students that they can avail of for free. But, in case they don't, that is something you need to add.


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