What will be the cost of living (keeping aside tution fee) if i go to Saint louis University, is there any disadvantages with this university. I am going for MS in CS program?

Asked by Anvesh over 1 year ago

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Edwin  Selvaraj

Edwin Selvaraj

MentR-Me Team

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I know how hard it is to analyse the entire expense that you may have to bare apart from the tuition fees since nobody talks about it. Don’t worry, I have curated a list of average expenses that will add-on to your tuition fees so that you can plan your finances accordingly. 

Type of Expense        Amount in INR

GRE Fees (one-time)        15,800

TOEFL Fees (one-time)        14,200

Application Fee (one-time)        5,000-11,997

Counselling Fee (optional)        25,000

Additional Application Expenses (one-time)        12,000

VISA Processing Fee (one-time)        11,840

SEVIS Fee        F and M visa status: 26,000

J visa status: 16,360

Flight Expenses (one-way)        50,000-85,000

Tuition Fee (annual)        29,60,000-30,00,000

Accommodation Expenses (annual)        11,10,000-16,00,000

Total Expense        42,20,200-48,02,000

Let me know if this helped and if you need any more information from my end. 


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