What will be our budget?

Asked by Louis Punith almost 2 years ago

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Shruti g

Shruti g

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Finances take up a huge part in the whole process of studying abroad and thus it is wise to want to figure out the overall expenses of studying masters abroad in advance. Here, I have tried to mention all the major expenses taking USA in consideration since that is the most preferred study abroad destination:


Type of Expense        Amount in INR

GRE Fees (one-time)        15,800

TOEFL Fees (one-time)        14,200

Application Fee (one-time)        5,000-11,997

Counselling Fee (optional)        25,000

Additional Application Expenses (one-time)        12,000

VISA Processing Fee (one-time)        11,840

SEVIS Fee        F and M visa status: 26,000

J visa status: 16,360

Flight Expenses (one-way)        50,000-85,000

Tuition Fee (annual)        29,60,000-30,00,000

Accommodation Expenses (annual)        11,10,000-16,00,000

Total Expense        42,20,200-48,02,000

Let me know if you want any other information from my end. 


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