What universities offer the best masters in financial engineering program in the UK?

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Ruben Osbon

Ruben Osbon

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They are dozens of universities in the UK that are now offering an MSc program in FE /QF / FM.

All three degrees only slightly differ from one another.

The American Universities probably stand out when it comes to teaching Masters in Financial Engineering. 
Also, the University of Toronto is very good.
In Asia, both the City university of HK and NUS + NANYANG in Singapore offers academic training in FE.
We can only share our opinion with you.

My top four picks are =>

1, City university, London programmes in Quantitative Finance (MSc Mathematical Finance and Trading is the best).

2. LBS - MS Finance Programs with many FE style Electives (they don't offer any specific degree in Financial Maths or FE).

3. Warwick MSc in Financial Mathematics (not the state-of-the-art FE training, but you can end up in derivatives and structured product/s trading/hedging pricing and product development etc, at a fresher level at some Investment Banks and/or Hedge Fund, either in the CITY or anywhere else, after doing this degree). Not bad!

4. Reading University at the “HENLEY BUSINESS SCHOOL” offers MSc FE by name.

Check the degree and compare it with what others have to offer. It's a bit expensive program, but the university’s business school is not rated among the best in the world!

Other notable programs offered using closely matched acronyms at some of the more popular institutions are given below =>

Oxford had an MSc Mathematical Finance Part-Time, which is now rebranded as the FT (Full-time) Master of Science in Math and Finance.
LSE MSc Financial Mathematics
Imperial College - MSc FE and Risk program (haven't good got feedback about this, as it mostly focuses on Mathematics and teaches limited stuff about financial market product development, financial literacy which a trader requires, trading etc.)
Check the Financial Computing and related programs offered at KCL

QMUL also offers some degrees in Mathematical Finance, etc., under different names.
Birmingham University
Manchester University
Harriot Watt
Leicester University

Let me know if this helps and if you want any other information from my end.


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