What problems do Indian students face in foreign universities?

Asked by Sudheer Yadav over 1 year ago

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Abhishek Ahluwalia

Abhishek Ahluwalia

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It's no wonder that you are concerned about this matter. I wanted a year's exchange in my undergrad but could go through it due to some problems. It's more severe for masters in foreign universities. Though foreign universities tend to assist students in any manner possible, some things can't be fixed, like unfamiliarity with culture and environment. But some issues can be helped with proper guidance.

More than 750 thousand students from India go abroad for international studies. This number has been growing year by year. After everything gets normal following the pandemic, students have started preparing for abroad. And this number is expected to rise more than double in the coming few years. With this, problems students face in foreign universities are becoming common. Let me break it down.

Application Process. The most crucial issue is related to the application. The process itself is enough to trouble you; it gets more complicated with preparation. You need to fill specific requirements to get enrolled in foreign universities. Tests like GRE/GMAT language proficiency tests are severe in this process. You can't have an outlook on these. But before all these, your GPA in undergraduate tends to limit your options. Get a guidance counselor to sort it out.

Finance. If the tuition cost of a program abroad is not enough, it gets serious in cost of living. After you start your course in a foreign country, the expenses pile up. Accommodation, study materials, food and services all are a must to endure. After that, personal expenses are necessary to keep yourself comfortable. But all this can be managed with a budget, and yes, a local bank account. Otherwise, your funds will be stuck in transfers.

Language barrier. This is a widespread problem Indian students face in foreign universities. It is also why countries that use English as their primary language are more popular. It mainly eliminates language barriers. But countries like Germany, France, Singapore are a challenge. Take a side language course or use services like Duolingo.

Cross-cultural and community. It is safe to assume that this is a problem in every foreign country. It would be best if you involved yourself in culture and community. But whatever you do, there's a sense of unfamiliarity. And who knows when you do anything offensive? This makes Indian students hesitate to involve themselves with other students and events. The only solution for this is research and confidence.

Homesickness. We can't stress this point enough. Homesickness is a pervasive thing. Some students opt out of a full-time program and select an online course to avoid this. Many students believe this would not affect them, but with time it gets real. Primarily because, as Indians, we are habitual of living with family and friends. Not finding this comfort in foreign location results in homesickness. Try to involve yourself in distractions.

Most of the problems can be helped if you get a trusted counselor. It may not completely go away, but it sure minimizes. If you are planning a program abroad, let me know. Together we can work on your profile and interests to see you get the experience you want.


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