What is the value of homoeopathic students in the USA?

Asked by Sakthi sree 12 months ago

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paul larsenee

paul larsenee

Head of Capital Markets at Williams Trading, LLC

There are so many patients in India that are cured by homoeopathic treatment, the homoeopathic way of treatment is highly valued in this country. But in other countries, there are different opinions regarding this treatment, but let us keep the other way of treatment on the side and just talk about the USA for the time being. 

So, in order to practice homoeopathy in the USA, you need to first undergo some certification process. I have mentioned the complete details of that process below. 

So you need to have a CHC certificate, CHC stands for Council of Homoeopathic Certification. CHC is proof that validates your expertise and this is considered to be equal to homoeopathy with other certifications as well. 

The process of the certification is quite hard and long, but there is a huge scope in this field, once you get your certification, you can practice your homoeopathy under the guidelines and the code of conduct as laid down by the CHC. So, the exam is conducted twice a year in the month of April and October. You have to apply for the exam around seven months prior to the exam date. 

But you need to be qualified for the exam, eligibility criteria to register for the exam are- around 500 hours each of classroom and clinical training hours in classical homoeopathy. But remember your program should be done by accredited ACHENA which is a regulatory body for homoeopathy services. 

In the US markets, there has been a good amount of growth in homoeopathy in recent years. Earlier, it was not valued much, but now it is getting good recognition and after a good amount of practice, you can earn upto 6 figures, if you have a good amount of skills and knowledge.


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